DAVE HARLOW on the issues...

Wall Street bailouts

Companies that are too big to fail should not be rewarded.


We must reindustrialize the United States, especially in manufacturing.  Too many jobs have been lost.

American Imperialism

No more American Empire!
World War II has been over for over 60 years.  We need to re-establish American military priorities based on our
national needs.

Corporations and "Citizens United"

Challenge the legal status of corporations.
Corporations cannot currently be punished as individual citizens if they do wrong.

National Defense

Get our troops out of Afghanistan.

Heading 3

Phoneticize the English language.
This will make it easier to learn our language.

Illegal immigration

Secure the border.


No new children for welfare recipients.

Guest Worker Program (H-1B Visas)

No objection to guest worker program.
Immigration would be limited to the skills that we need.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming is coming.
Develop a water policy that is fair and equitable to all.
"Cap and Trade" is not the right way to go.

Affirmative Action

Declare an end to affirmative action.

Government Spending and the Defecit

Place limitations on 'pork'.
Stop 'bridges to nowhere" and other projects that benefit only a handful of people.

Decriminalization of marijuana

It doesn't make sense to throw people in prison for such a minor offense.


Place an emphasis on math and science in education.

Alternative Energy

Place an emphasis on infrastructure and alternative energy.

Heading 3

Innovative spirit.

The National Debt

The debt is spiraling out of control.  We need to make cutbacks.


The Federal Government needs to get out of this business as it is not working.

Health Care

Can we really afford it?  Or will it bankrupt our country?

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